Our AI-Powered Technology Provides Critical Health Insights In Real Time

Because early detection saves lives. 
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A message from our Founder and CEO, Mark Lewis

As COVID-19 escalated into a full-blown pandemic, I ventured to my local pharmacy for a thermometer. But I realized traditional thermometers generate very little insight. In fact, thermometers haven’t evolved much since their invention in 1866. As an innovator and technologist, I wanted to learn more about temperature.

Thermometers provide one value, at a single point in time. But temperature is not a fixed value. Age, gender, and time of day all affect your temperature...

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Solos Health Analytics is taking a different approach to wellness by building a picture of YOU as an individual.

Why? Because, no two people are the same, so it’s time we stopped looking at all individuals through the same lens. Many factors dictate differences across our physiological systems including gender, age, nutrition, environment, and more.

We account for these differences by continuously measuring your data and pairing it with machine learning - alerting you if you deviate from your own personal normal.

We call it Wellness Assurance.

With our AI technology we help you make individualized health decisions.


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Early Fever Detection

Alerts signal at first sign of a fever even before symptoms are visible

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Opt-in Contact Tracing

Warns individuals of their exposure to a virus.  Coming soon.

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Advanced Technology

Leverages modern technologies including individualized machine learning, AI, Cloud and continuous monitoring

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Worker Safety

Enables a safe return to work by protecting workers and their colleagues

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Contain the Spread

Stops COVID-19 in its tracks with prompt isolation of infected individuals

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Permission-Based Shareable Health Data

Optional share features lets you communicate your health status to healthcare professionals, friends, family and coworkers



FeverGuard is a comfortable wearable that fits on the upper arm, continuously monitoring your body temperature.

What’s not commonly understood is that everyone has a unique “normal” temperature, which also varies by time of day and gender. Learning your personal temperature characteristics over time, FeverGuard provides early detection and alerting a potential fever.

In a society that wants desperately to open its economy while protecting the health of essential workers, FeverGuard should be added to the list of essential protective equipment.