person getting tested for covid-19

The Return to "Normal" Life - Testing, Testing, Testing!

July 24 2020 | Jerry Kennelly

The world has a big problem now of how to come off of quarantine and isolation and get back to work and "normal" life when a silent, invisible, deadly virus is lurking in every corner threatening the health of those who venture forth. It's a very difficult position for every business, cruise ship, military unit, educational institution, hospital etc. and will remain so until a vaccine is both developed and then administered to a global population of seven billion people. Even then, there may well still be a COVID-20, COVID-21, COVID-22 and so on that may not be protected by the COVID-19 vaccine.

There is no perfect and sure way to deal with COVID-19, due to asymptomatic carriers. The best way would be the DAILY administration of a bio-based virus test with immediate results instantaneously reported to everyone who wants to go outside. But cost and logistics make this an impractical and impossible solution.

The most common early symptom of a viral infection is a fever. In some countries right now, every person in a quarantine region is required to take their own temperature twice every day and submit it on a form to a central collection site.  Using this, and other location-based data, the health authorities have an approach to deal with ongoing virus spread. But manual collection is hard, expensive and error prone. 

Until a vaccine is widely available the world needs a test that can be done continuously over long periods of time at mass scale for millions and millions of people at a reasonable cost.

Solos Health Analytics has come into existence precisely to address this problem. Their solution uses innovative, proprietary software and hardware to detect a fever condition in each individual member of an organization as a first warning sign of a possible viral infection in an automatic, continuous, scalable and economic way.

Subscribers to the Solos system receive a wearable fever detection solution that sends a continuous Bluetooth signal that continuously updates temperature data once per minute to the Solos cloud. Then, patented machine learning techniques combine with biometric and thermodynamic modeling of humans to determine, person by person, if a fever is developing. Because not everyone has 98.6 °F degrees as a normal temperature, it’s necessary to develop a baseline for every individual human to learn and record their personal normal. Then that person can receive an early alert as to the possible onset of a fever, which can guide the user to self-isolate and seek medical attention.

This is the continuous testing, testing, testing at mass scale that can aid the human race to vanquish the spread of this deadly virus.

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