Do You Have a Fever?

Suppose someone greeted you that way. Strange, right? Except now it's not. Because fever is one of the first signs of viral infections like COVID-19.

Fever is an automatic response to infection. In fact, a lot of what happens in our bodies is automatic. And most of those automatic processes – like blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature – change constantly without our realizing it. Usually, that doesn't matter. Until it does.


The mission of Solos Health Analytics is to enhance our health by paying attention to the often subtle changes in our bodies that can give us early warning when something isn't right.

Introducing FeverGuard. An innovative solution for early fever detection. Early detection stops the spread, saves lives, and provides peace of mind.

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FeverGuard is a wearable that fits comfortably on the upper arm.

It monitors an individual's temperature continuously and uses machine learning to analyze the data and alert them at the first sign of a potential fever.

FeverGuard is the first solution of its kind that can learn a person's unique temperature pattern and recognize any irregularity. The FeverGuard mobile application lets individuals see their temperature data, trends, and alerts.

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