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Armband Device Enables Early Fever Detection

By HospiMedica International staff writers
Posted on 17 Aug 2020

The FeverGuard app warns of rising body temperatures (Photo courtesy of Solos Health Analytics)
Solos Health Analytics Solos Health Analytics technology gives users early warning of a potential fever and provides opt-in contact tracing.

The Solos Health Analytics (Pleasanton, CA, USA) FeverGuard is a small, low-cost, wearable health aid that fits comfortably on the upper arm, monitoring a person’s temperature continuously, including circadian, diurnal, and hormonal temperatures. The data is then analyzed in order to create a personal temperature baseline, which can be used to detect potential discrepancies and abnormalities. FeverGuard can then alert users of an impending fever via an integrated smartphone application, so that they can take immediate action.

FeverGuard uses artificial intelligence (AI) to collect, map, analyze, and model the temperature data as a time series, employing deep learning models and statistical analysis to personalize and understand the user’s temperature baseline. Besides providing personalized data to the smartphone, FeverGuard also includes a private administration portal with built-in safeguards that protect the users privacy, while giving employers, military, healthcare, educational and other institutions an early warning of a potential viral infection.

“FeverGuard harnesses the ease and power of wearable technology to win the fight against COVID-19. FeverGuard is the first solution of its kind that can learn a person's unique temperature pattern and recognize any irregularity,” said Mark Lewis, founder and CEO of Solos Health Analytics. “Our new wearable is a simple, low-cost solution to get people safely and quickly back to work, help government officials carefully reopen their economies, and stop the spread of an infectious virus. FeverGuard is a game changer.”

“I'm excited about FeverGuard and its potential to save lives; as a participant in the initial research study I saw first-hand how early fever detection works, enabling people to act at the first sign of illness,” said Jim Martin, Fire Captain/Paramedic at San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District (Alamo, CA, USA). “The widespread use of FeverGuard, especially for those of us on the front lines of this pandemic, will help save lives.”

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